Our rotary brush products can be custom ordered.

A durable rotary brush is a vital part of many commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Our customers want the flexibility of designing a rotary brush to meet their specific needs.

We offer online custom design sheets, where you can specify exactly the features you want. Choose the type of bristle filling, plus brush size, shape, trim, length, width, diameter and color.
Design your channel-backed rotary brush in any of the following configurations.

Inside Disk Strip Brush
A circular single loop brush with the metal channel on the inside and the bristles facing outward.

Outside Disk Strip Brush
A circular single loop brush with the metal channel on the outside and the bristles facing inward.

Rotary brush bristles can be level, where the filaments are straight or crimped, where the bristles have a series of waves in each filament.

Let us help you design the correct rotary brush for your application! Any questions please fill out our custom order sheet or email or fax us at [886] 2-2992-9827.


Hua An Brushes company has been designing and manufacturing various types of industrial brushes for more than two decades. Our company manufactures a wide range of durable and stable industrial brushes. With our up most techniques at very competitive prices, we have earned our company world-wide reputation in brush making.

Our quality control programs have received accredited International Standards Organization ISO 9001 certifications, as well as qualifications from our customers.
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