Spiral roll brushes designed for your specific needs.

Custom designed spiral roll brushes are manufactured to meet the needs of users for scrubbing, cleaning, dusting and where a wider face width is desired, light surface finishing.

Available in a full spectrum of materials and a wide range of sizes, spiral roll brushes can be fabricated according to your unique specifications. Order your spiral roll brushes through our online custom design sheets, where you can specify exactly the features you want to meet your individual application.

Tell us the spiral roll brush diameter, density, face length, fill type and size plus the core or shaft diameter.

The shape and size of spiral roll brushes can vary, depending on your specific needs. Choose brushes such as…

  • Closed or open wound un-mounted coil
  • Mounted on a refillable shaft
  • Wound on an economy disposable core or shaft
  • Mounted on tubing to slide over shaft
  • Paddle wheel conveyer cleaning brush type with replaceable strips
  • Spiral wound conveyor belt cleaning brush

Applications for spiral roll brushes may include in-line processes such as conveyor belt and surface cleaning, area brush or sealing, finishing, applying, roughening and dusting. Other applications where spiral roll brushes are essential include product auguring, separation, transfer or movement in manufacturing plus external or internal pipe cleaning, filter or screen cleaning and a variety of other custom demands.

Ask for our professional application assistance in creating the spiral roll brushes you need. Fill out our custom order sheet or email or fax us at [886] 2-2992-9827.


Hua An Brushes company has been designing and manufacturing various types of industrial brushes for more than two decades. Our company manufactures a wide range of durable and stable industrial brushes. With our up most techniques at very competitive prices, we have earned our company world-wide reputation in brush making.

Our quality control programs have received accredited International Standards Organization ISO 9001 certifications, as well as qualifications from our customers.
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